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Deposition Analysis Simplified

Early deposition analysis helps drive cases to faster resolution, saving time and money

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Speeds review and summarizing witness testimony.

Accelerate your workflow

  • Automates finding multiple key words and phrases

  • Integrated and interactive word index

  • Use the power of AI to summarize testimony

  • Simplifies page/line digesting and annotating

  • Easily exports to MS Word for your case file


For injury cases, eSumry provides an option to use our patent-pending Artificial Intelligence that identifies key aspects of witness testimony, including liability, damages, pre-existing conditions, and medical treatment.

Digital Work Life


The most critical case information is often found in the deposition testimony of witnesses. Depositions can be hundreds of pages long. In major cases, there are often thousands of pages of testimony. It all must be reviewed and analyzed for motions, mediations, and trials.


Using our patent-pending AI, we created a solution that identifies, highlights, and summarizes the critical case information found in deposition testimony to help attorneys and their clients make better, faster evidence-based decisions.

eSumry is available to attorneys, paralegals and others who work with digital testimony to apply the power of artificial intelligence to their analytical work.


eSumry is powered by Mayfair Group LLC. We are grateful to the National Science Foundation, the Commonwealth of Virginia, and Virginia Tech for their support of our artificial intelligence research in the legal domain.

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